There are approximately 1.65 billion monthly active users on Facebook, and you are probably one of them. You use Facebook from different devices like mobile, laptops, tablets etc.  Daily you share information using Facebook. It could be sensitive sometimes. Nobody wants any unauthorized person to access their personal information.



Facebook has email and password security in previous times. But now you can even secure your account using your mobile. By using it now it is became two steps verification while logging in. First you enter using email and password. Second is mobile code verification. Facebook will immediately send code to your mobile. It will not open your account until you enter that verification code.


Here is how you can turn on mobile code verification:

1- First open setting option:



2- Now click on “security” then click on “edit” in front of  “login approvals”



3- Now click this checkbox




4- Now click on “Get started” and then click on “continue”




5- Select your country code then enter you mobile number and click “continue”




6- Now you will receive a code on your Mobile phone Enter it and click “confirm”:




7- Now check this checkbox and click on close:




8- Now change password (it will logout your account from all devices, do this step for more security), and clear browser history

Now when you will login, it will send code on your phone.

If does not then click on : Did not receive code > Text me a security code



Now your Facebook account is more secure.

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