Fiverr is one of the world’s largest platform providing digital services. Sellers write up gig, which is basically service which a seller is providing. There are many articles online present, to tell how to write gig on Fiverr. But in this one we will tell you a different way to make it more effective.

  • Lets start, first you should decide on which thing you are good at , for example you can edit video/audio/image, you can fix bugs in someones code etc etc. So select that one and move on.
  • First mistake made by people while writing up gig is selection of words. As you know Fiverr is nor only limited to techies, not everyone has knowledge of everything. So use simple and descriptive words for your gig.
  • Now you have idea what service you will provide search it on Fiverr. Look at its all related top rated gigs, and collect keywords

For example you want to create gig for graphic designing and specifically logo design



Now look these top gigs have these keywords in common, set them in your gig. And don’t forget to mention time in your gig because these gigs have time in common as well.

Also select category accordingly, because it plays main role in filtering gig and buyers request also.




  • Now next step is description. For more effective gig, try to add two portions.
  1. Services you will definitely provide in given amount. Try to bullet them it will make easy to buyers to read those services and they will not find it boring.
  2. Services for which you cost extra charges. List them properly so they are easily readable.
  • TAGS, most important thing. Chose relevant tags for your gig. It will help to make your gig to be searched on top.
  • Choose best photo for your gig cover. That should be your own property. Also add watermark on it so no one other can use it.
  • To promote your gig, keep on sharing gig on daily basis. On social media twitter, facebook, Google+, linkedIn.
  • Try not to post it more than 5 times in a day.

Good luck !

Comment below suggestions and questions if you have any.


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